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5 Advantages of Open-Frame Wall-Mount Server Racks

5 Advantages of Open-Frame Wall-Mount Server Racks

Posted by Steve Bowman on Jan 11th 2023

Enclosed computer-server cabinets, whether wall-mount or freestanding, certainly have their benefits. One advantage is their security – they are lockable. But what if your servers and other network components are already located in a secure room?

In such cases, for many organizations, open-frame wall-mount server racks make more sense. They offer five advantages: great ventilation, office space efficiency, easier cable management, quick installation and more affordability than most enclosed network cabinets. Below we describe each advantage, then conclude with a few details about a NavePoint product solution that ticks all five boxes.

The five advantages of open-frame wall-mount server racks:

  • 1.Better Ventilation

While enclosed server cabinets require fans and vented panels to prevent heat buildup, open-frame racks disperse heat from all directions. If the room is kept at a proper temperature, components in an open-frame rack should stay cool enough to run efficiently for many years.

  • 2.Maximized Office Space

Office space isn’t exactly cheap these days, which leads organizations to look for ways to get the most from their square footage. Mounting an open-frame server rack to the wall frees up floor and desktop space, which is especially noticeable in smaller rooms.

  • 3.Easier Cable Management

Adding, removing and re-routing cables and cords is a fact of life in server rooms. Open-frame racks allow you to make cable and component changes without having to unlock and remove the doors, side panels and rear panels that come with enclosed cabinets. Our Swing-Gate Series, described below, simplifies cable management even further.

  • 4.Quicker Installation

Open-frame, wall-mount server racks are easier to install than many enclosed cabinets, because there are no doors, side panels, rear panels or fans to deal with. Our swing-gate wall-mount cabinets come with all assembly hardware and wall and equipment mounting hardware for hassle-free installation.

  • 5.More Economical

Due to their simpler design with fewer parts, wall-mount racks are generally more affordable than enclosed racks. For instance, a NavePoint Swing-Gate Series open-frame rack costs less than half the price of the same-size enclosed rack in our Performance Series and Professional Series, and considerably less than in our Consumer Series and Basic Series.

So . . . Get In the Swing!

One NavePoint product series that offers all five advantages is our line of swing-gate open-frame wall-mount racks. The space-efficient design consists of a hinged gate that opens 180 degrees. You can reach everything inside without having to reposition the rack or remove cabinet panels. Put the hinges on the right or left, whatever works best for the room. The Swing-Gate Series has size options of 18 or 24 inches of depth and 6U to 18U of vertical capacity. They are made of rugged, cold-rolled steel and hold up to 110 pounds of gear.

Our swing-gate, open-frame, wall-mount racks are in-stock and available with FREE same-day shipping. The same goes for all of our thousands of in-stock racks and cabinets, cables and adapters, bulk cable, rack shelves and rack accessories. Call us at 1-866-312-5401 or email us at