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6 Ways Wire Mesh Cable Trays Can Transform Your Workplace

6 Ways Wire Mesh Cable Trays Can Transform Your Workplace

Posted by Steve Bowman on Mar 22nd 2023

In so many high-tech, high-dollar data centers and industrial facilities, it seems odd that organizations are getting so much utility out of what appears to be a wire basket. But as Leonardo da Vinci once wrote, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

If that is true, then NavePoint’s wire mesh cable trays are incredibly sophisticated in their own simple way. They are certainly one of our most useful product lines and provide a loud bang for the buck. They do very well what they were designed for: to route and protect network cable, communications wiring and electrical wire throughout offices and many other types of commercial and industrial buildings. The rugged but light cable trays are mounted on walls, ceilings or under raised floors to provide an orderly path of connectivity for hundreds and even thousands of cables.

Wire mesh cable trays help you solve a lot of challenges. They allow you to get your cables off the floor to free up room space for other uses. They organize your cable flow to make them easier to find. They protect your cables without enclosing them, which reduces heat buildup. And in most cases they are easy to install and to customize for however your room is configured.

Following are their six main benefits:

Cable Trays Keep It Organized

Let’s face it, few things are more prone to chaos than unmanaged electronic cables. Cable trays allow you to carefully plan out and then manage the flow of your connections. You can bundle and/or color-code separate groups of wires in one tray so that they are easy to find when you need to add or remove a cable or to troubleshoot. NavePoint even makes cable tray dividers to better organize tray contents.

Cable Trays Make Your Room Bigger

IT cables on the floor can be space hogs. They can get kicked or tripped over. But if you redirect all those wires into cable trays installed under the floor, against walls or just below the ceiling, you might be pleasantly shocked at how much bigger your room gets. Wire mesh cable trays optimize floor space.

Cable Trays Come in Your Size

With 18 models that comprise 9 widths, 2 depths and 2 lengths, NavePoint’s wire mesh cable trays can fit whatever space you have. Our 2-inch-deep models hold from 50 cables at 2 inches wide, to 290 at 12 inches wide, to 590 cables at 24 inches wide. Our 4-inch-deep trays hold from 90 cables at 2 inches wide, to 600 at 12 inches wide, to 1,250 cables at 24 inches wide.

Cable Trays Are Easy to Customize

The facility where you work has a unique configuration, and wire mesh cable trays can be tailored to fit it. NavePoint offers trays in two lengths − 59 inches and 118 inches − but the steel wire can be cut easily with a bolt-cutter for custom configurations. We have accessories for fastening one tray to another, such as our cable tray coupler. This adaptability also allows you to make field modifications to adjust for unplanned changes in the future.

Cable Trays Keep Things Cool but Protected

Wire mesh cable trays offer both air circulation and protection. The open design of a tray allows air to circulate from all directions. In general, this means your cables will stay cooler and thus last longer than if they were enclosed.

But despite its open design, a steel cage will protect your cables from being bumped, stepped on or otherwise messed with. NavePoint trays have the added protection of an electro zinc plating to shield the steel wire from the effects of moisture and chemical corrosion. Also, our copper grounding bolts safely ground our trays from electrical currents.

Cable Trays Are Easy to Install

Most cable tray deployments do not require a professional installer. Usually it’s a matter of fastening brackets into a wall or ceiling using a drill, a screwdriver, a level and a tape measure. NavePoint carries a full line of the installation accessories you might need.

For wall-mounting, we have brackets that are T-shaped, L-shaped and triangle-shaped.

For ceiling and floor installations we have ceiling hanging bars, ceiling hanging hooks, strengthening bars, corner bars, spider brackets, standoff base brackets, cabinet and floor stands, cable guiders, adjustable connectors and fast-fix splicers.

NavePoint’s simple but sophisticated wire cable trays and accessories are in-stock and available with FREE standard same-day shipping.

If you have product questions or need recommendations, contact our U.S.-based team of experts at 1-866-312-5401 or email us.