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7 Steps to Building a Great Home Theater System

7 Steps to Building a Great Home Theater System

Posted by Steve Bowman on Apr 27th 2023

More than 40% of U.S. households own a home theater system. This high percentage is due in part to people spending more time at home in recent years because of the COVID pandemic. It is one of the few positive effects of that challenging time, considering that building a home cinema can be a fun and rewarding project. However, it can also be overwhelming with so many options available in the market.

The first half of this blog post provides steps on how to piece together a home theater system. The second half gives you details related to one of the steps.

Piecing Together Your Home Theater

After choosing the room for your home theater system, and your budget for components, here are the basic steps to building an audio/video system you will enjoy for years to come:

  • 1.Choose a display: Your display will be the centerpiece of your home theater system. You can choose between a projector or a flat-screen TV, depending on your preference and budget. Your display should be large enough to fill your room and capable of displaying high-definition content.
  • 2.Choose speakers: Speakers are essential to a home theater system. They provide surround sound and create an immersive audio experience. You can choose between floor-standing, bookshelf, or in-wall speakers, depending on your preference and room layout.
  • 3.Choose a receiver: The receiver is the hub of your home theater system. It receives signals from your audio and video components and sends them to your speakers and display. Make sure your receiver is compatible with your speakers and can decode your audio and video formats.
  • 4.Choose a media player: A media player is a device that allows you to play movies, music, and TV shows on your home theater system. You can choose between a Blu-ray player, streaming media player, or gaming console, depending on your preference and content sources.
  • 5.Choose an enclosure: An audiovisual enclosure will keep your valuable home theater components in one place, organized and wired efficiently. It will also protect your A/V equipment from dust and from being bumped around or tampered with. (See more below.)
  • 6.Set up your components: Once you have all your components, set them up in your room. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure you set up your system correctly.
  • 7.Calibrate your system: Calibrate your system to ensure your speakers are correctly positioned and your audio and video settings are optimized for your room and components.

NavePoint’s New A/V Cabinets

NavePoint has been providing enclosures for electronic gear for almost 20 years. Recently we unveiled a new line of audio/video cabinets designed to hold equipment for:

  • Home theaters
  • Commercial theaters
  • Commercial CCTV security
  • Computer networking

Our customers are using these A/V rack cabinets to hold:

  • Audio equipment − amplifiers, mixers, equalizers, and audio processors
  • Video equipment − video switchers, distribution amplifiers, scalers, and codecs
  • Networking equipment − routers, switches, and wireless access points
  • Control systems − touch panels, control processors, and other interface devices
  • Power management equipment − power conditioners, surge protectors, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • Storage devices − hard drives, network-attached storage (NAS), and media servers

Our new A/V cabinets are suitable for racking and storing a range of 19-inch A/V devices and other networking equipment. One A/V-friendly feature is that they come pre-assembled with four sturdy shelves for additional storage flexibility. You can store and protect your precious audio/video gear in these rock-solid cabs made of 14-gauge steel with an electro-static powder-coated finish.

Key benefits of these new A/V cabinets:

  • A/V-friendly: Adjustable rack rails, four deep shelves can hold anything A/V
  • Stable: Each shelf supports 44 pounds
  • Roomy: four sizes − 18U,27U, 37U, 42U − all with generous 28-inch depth
  • Secure: Front, rear, left, and right locks; tempered-glass reversible door
  • Ventilated: Cooling vents on top and bottom
  • Mobile: Set it up then roll it into place; two of the four casters are locking

NavePoint’s new audio/video rack cabinets with shelves are in-stock and available with FREE standard same-day shipping. They are part of our huge selection of racks and cabinets, which include wall cabinets, mid-depth cabinets, 42U cabinets, charging cabinets, wall-mount racks, two-post racks, and four-post racks.

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