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Accessories, Yes − But Cable Management Products Are Essential

Accessories, Yes − But Cable Management Products Are Essential

Posted by NavePoint on Sep 30th 2022

At NavePoint we sometimes refer to our cable management products as accessories, but don’t get the wrong idea. They’re not an afterthought. In fact, some of our bestselling products are these innovative cable managers. They include items our customers would tell you they could not do without – essentials more than accessories.

In past blog posts we’ve simplified our hundreds of cable management products into, for instance, the two main types of organizers, the four accessories we couldn’t live without or the four main benefits of these products. But below we fly a little higher and give you a quick tour of our entire line of cable managers.

Plastic Cable Ties

Plastic cable ties, aka zip ties, are the most popular solution for bundling cables. They are inexpensive, resist loosening or breaking over time, and come in many lengths and strengths. Multiple color choices are useful in color coding your cable bundles.

Hook-and-Loop Ties and Bulk Rolls

Velcro-style hook-and-loop ties are great for cable bundles that might be altered a lot, as they are easier to loosen and open than zip ties. Also, NavePoint’s hook-and-loop ties are available in bulk rolls so you can cut to the exact lengths you need.

Learn more about plastic ties vs. hook-and-loop straps.

Rack-Mount – Horizontal or Vertical

Our rack-mount cable management products are arrayed either horizontally across the width of the rack or vertically mounted down either side. A raceway is a housing that keeps cables tucked away as it directs their path. Cross bars, or lacing bars, mount horizontally and extend a few inches from the front or rear of a rack to provide stress relief for cable connections. D-rings, or distribution rings, direct cables away from the front of a rack, making it easier to monitor the components and adjust their controls. Several related rack accessories are in the Other section.

Learn more about raceways vs. D-rings.

Wire Mesh Cable Trays

Wire mesh cable trays mount on walls, ceilings or under raised floors to support, route and protect cable. They come in many widths and heights to support dozens or even hundreds of cables. You can cut the wire mesh for custom lengths and bolt trays together for different configurations. The open mesh design keeps cables cool and the electro zinc plating resists weather and corrosion.

NavePoint wants to be your source for a wide selection of cable management products. Don’t forget that most of our products are in-stock and available with FREE standard same-day shipping. If you have product questions or need recommendations, contact our U.S.-based team of experts at 1-866-308-2158 or email us.