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Cutting Cable Clutter: Why and How

Cutting Cable Clutter: Why and How

Posted by NavePoint on Jan 20th 2022

We’ve all seen the equipment rack or IT closet that lacks cable management. Clutter reigns, as wires run in all directions and every patch bay looks like a rat’s nest. You feel sorry for whoever must go in and install or re-route cables or troubleshoot wiring problems.

The good news is that there are products to tame cable clutter. In fact, there are hundreds of helpful items to choose from, so let’s simplify things. Below we split NavePoint’s cable management products into two groups − cable fasteners and rack-mount devices – and we summarize the key functions of each.

But first, let’s touch on the why – the four main benefits of these products.

Cable Management Makes a Workplace Safer

According to industry safety advocate Arbill, the second most common cause of workplace injuries in the U.S. is tripping and falling because of wires and cables that are not properly organized. Such safety hazards can lead to injuries and lawsuits.

Cable Management Reduces Maintenance Costs

Some devices pay for themselves over and over by reducing equipment maintenance. Especially popular are products that provide cable strain relief. They attach to an equipment rack or cabinet and prevent incoming and outgoing cords from being routed at sharp angles. This strain relief lengthens cable life. Other products allow you to cover up excess cable, protecting them from a slow buildup of dust and dirt which could impact network performance.

Cable Management Increases Efficiency

Well-organized cables make it easier to install, remove or re-route cords and to troubleshoot wiring problems. You can find a cable at a glance instead of having to devote time to searching for it. Faulty connections are harder to find in a tangled mass of wires, which leads to more downtime.

Cable Management Sends a Silent Message

An ordered, visually appealing work environment reminds your staff and clients that your organization is well organized and detail oriented. Also, research has shown that a tidy office reduces worker stress and lends to a sense of well-being. Many companies believe that a professional-looking office will help attract more talent.

Cable Fasteners

Plastic cable ties, aka zip ties, and hook-and-loop ties are the most popular types of cable managers. Both are inexpensive yet strong, can be loosened or tightened to add or remove from the bundle, and come in different lengths and colors. Hook-and-loop ties are especially useful for bundles that might be moved around a lot, as they are easier to loosen than zip ties. Also, NavePoint’s hook-and-loops are available in bulk rolls so you can cut to the exact length you need.

Rack-Mount Cable Managers

NavePoint’s rack-mount cable management products are arrayed either horizontally across the width of the rack or vertically mounted down either side. There are three types of products. A raceway is a housing that keeps cables tucked away as it directs their path. Cross bars, or lacing bars, mount horizontally and extend a few inches from the front or rear of a rack to provide stress relief for cable connections. D-rings, or distribution rings, direct cables away from the front of a rack, making it easier to monitor the components and adjust their controls. For more about how you can use raceways and D-rings, see our blog post on the subject.


Managing cable clutter will make your workplace safer, save you money by lengthening the life of your gear and reducing maintenance downtime, and send a positive message to your clients and employees. There are many cable management products, but most serve to either bundle your cords or organize and direct them in your rack or cabinet.

You might start your search for cable management products right here. NavePoint not only has a huge inventory but offers FREE standard same-day shipping. For help or advice on products, contact our sales team at 888-505-1363 or email us.