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Going Custom Costs Less with Bulk Cable

Going Custom Costs Less with Bulk Cable

Posted by NavePoint on Mar 29th 2022

It usually costs more to buy custom products. At NavePoint it can cost less. Our wide selection of bulk cable costs considerably less than shorter, pre-cut lengths. And yet with bulk cable you can wire your installation to the exact custom lengths you need.

The following are five big advantages of purchasing bulk cable from NavePoint:

Lower cost. As with most products, you’ll save money by buying cable in bulk. For instance, a 1,000-foot roll of Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cable costs less than half as much per foot as a 250-foot roll. The per-foot cost of speaker wire is less than one-third for a 500-foot roll vs. a 100-foot roll.

Quicker maintenance. When you use bulk cable to wire a server room, audiovisual equipment, an alarm system, etc., you can cut cable to the exact lengths you need. This not only eliminates the mess of excess cable, but makes it easier to install, remove or re-route cords and to troubleshoot wiring problems. Faulty connections are easier to find in a well-ordered installation, which means less downtime during maintenance.

One-stop shopping. With NavePoint’s wide variety of bulk cable, you will find all or most of what you need in one place. We offer bulk rolls of Ethernet cable in Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a, as well as bulk rolls of alarm cable, CCTV cable and speaker wire. You can choose from lengths of 100, 250, 500 or 1,000 feet.

In the mail today. NavePoint understands that you cannot afford for your systems to be down. You need your products now, and we can ship bulk cable as soon as you order it, with FREE standard same-day shipping.

Live technical support. Purchasing the right type of cable for your needs is not always easy. And sometimes, even after you buy, you might have questions. That’s why we offer courteous, US-based customer and technical support. For help or advice on products, before or after you buy, contact our sales team at 1-866-308-2158 or email us.