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Maximize Your IT Space with Wall-Mount Cabinets

Maximize Your IT Space with Wall-Mount Cabinets

Posted by NavePoint on Jan 6th 2022

If your office feels a bit cramped but your company is not ready to take the plunge into a bigger floor plan, it might be time to further maximize the space you have. The thought of squeezing more usable square footage out of already-small confines such as server rooms and telecom closets may seem daunting. But there’s a smart solution that’s relatively inexpensive: wall-mounted equipment cabinets.

Wall-mounted cabinets offer most of the benefits of floor cabinets – they’re rugged, come in many sizes, and have pro features like built-in fans, locking front and side doors, and a front panel of tempered glass for monitoring rack components.

Two benefits make wall cabinets unique. First, they don’t hog floor space. Install one or two in place of a floor cabinet and you’ll marvel at how much bigger the room suddenly is. Or keep the floor unit and use the wall cabinet for new components that improve your capabilities.

Second, you can install wall-mount cabinets in your previously unused vertical spaces. NavePoint offers a line of vertical wall-mount enclosures that position components sideways to take up less space. For instance, our 2U vertical enclosure extends less than 5 inches from the wall.

Another space-saving feature on some wall-mount cabinets is the swing gate. Even in a tight space, it allows you to swing the entire cabinet out from the wall on a hinge for easy access to the back.

Of course, these unique benefits come with some tradeoffs. Wall-mount cabinets can’t hold as much weight as floor cabinets, can’t be moved around like some wheeled units and are more difficult to install. The weight capacity difference can be significant. For instance, while an 18U wall cabinet from NavePoint’s Pro Series can hold up to 132 pounds, one of our 18U floor cabinets can hold 1,000 pounds. It might be wise to use a combination of wall-mount and floor cabinets to reap the benefits of both designs.

NavePoint’s variety of options for wall-mount solutions is linked below. For any additional help or advice on what product is best for you, contact the NavePoint sales team!

Wall-Mount Cabinet Options: