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J&J Ventures

Secure Cabinets from NavePoint Are A Winner for J&J Ventures

In 2012, J&J Ventures, based in Effingham, IL, was one of the first video gaming terminal operators to be licensed in the state of Illinois. Since then, J&J Ventures has installed gaming terminals and computers in more than 1,300 locations across the state and demand continues to grow.

When state regulators required that all computers monitoring the gaming terminals had to be locked, J&J Ventures needed to find the right cabinets for the job – and found NavePoint. The combination of great pricing and the right features appealed to Lance Dixon, head of parts purchasing at J&J Ventures.

“We needed boxes (cabinets) that locked securely with good ventilation,” said Dixon. “The pricing had to be right, but the features were the most important.” NavePoint’s 6U Wallmount Networking Cabinets were the perfect solution: the cabinets can be secured, include a fan for temperature control and can fit into small spaces.

Initially, Dixon ordered his cabinets through an online retailer who carried NavePoint products. As J&J Ventures’ video gaming business grew, he started working directly with NavePoint sales on bulk orders.

“It’s a lot easier to handle a pallet delivery than a bunch of smaller deliveries,” said Dixon. He also noted that delivery is fast and reliable, arriving on-time with no damage, and the cabinets are always dependable.

With multiple installations per month, Dixon also appreciates the service he gets from his account rep Patrick on the NavePoint sales team. “Patrick checks in regularly about our schedule and keeps me informed about production so we’ll get our orders on time.”

J&J Ventures recently celebrated its 90th anniversary in the route industry, and continues to evolve and grow. NavePoint congratulates J&J Ventures on its milestone and looks forward to working together for many more years.