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eos Business Surveillance Solutions


Logistics Support You Can Count On: eos Business Surveillance Solutions

eos Business Surveillance Solutions installs custom-designed security systems for commercial and residential customers. eos is based in Flint, MI, and serves customers in 38 states across the US.

Jody Stheiner handles logistics for eos installations, making sure that each project team has the right materials for every project. With 15 to 20 installations per week in multiple states, Jody has to stay on top of a lot of moving parts.

eos had already been working with NavePoint as a supplier for IT cabinets and cabling when Jody moved into her role. And Jody quickly realized that the longstanding relationship with NavePoint was a big advantage.

Easy Order Process & Knowledgeable Support

Ordering from NavePoint is easy and fast, but when you’re new to the job, a little extra help is always welcome. Early on, Jody found a great resource at NavePoint: her customer service rep Simone looked up past PO’s to help configure new orders, answered questions and made recommendations so Jody could place her orders quickly.

Responsive Service

eos installations can be complex, so Jody appreciates the responsiveness of NavePoint customer service. Whether placing a new order or updating an existing order, Jody feels extremely confident that NavePoint will “make it happen.”

Fast Delivery

As a logistics specialist, Jody knows that on-time delivery is crucial. She relies on NavePoint’s next day delivery to get products to eos installation teams – no matter where they are. NavePoint shipping helps keep eos projects running smoothly.

Keeping ten crews with multiple installations on track every week can be a high-stress job, and every bit of help with coordinating logistics is welcome. “NavePoint takes a huge weight off my shoulders,” says Jody.